I've self published three books via online retailers to date, I'm probably the most known for the latter of the three which had alot more publicity around the retro gaming sites and social media, which was my all things 'Lemmings' book which took over 2 years to finish!


As mentioned above, the book that took the longest to finish was Lemmings - The Ports. Lemmings being one of my favourite games of all time, so around 2007 i started the Lemmings blog covering alot of ports, and after a few years it was starting to wain and i wanted all this information available in book form, of course at that time i was still missing quite a bit of information. 

Originally the book was going to be around 200 pages, but as time went on and more and more ports were found i was having difficulty fitting it all in, so at that point i decided instead of trying to squeeze it all in, i would add more information and take it upto 300 pages, now in hindsight this sounds like a stupid idea and 1/3 more work, but at the time i was keen and willing to take on the huge task.

Nearing the end of the project, and In my naivety, i didn't take into account the correct page size format and border crop size (mainly because i used lulu.com before and their system will either print it or crop it) so after 2 long years and many hundreds of hours of work, i came to upload and to my annoyance and horror i had something like 300-400 errors i needed to correct for the book to be eligable to print. After a couple of really frustrating weeks of correcting these errors the book finally went on sale in December 2014.

I did produce a one off lulu.com version of the book (as apposed to the Amazon version) but the price for a 300+ book nearly took it twice the price, the upsides being the finish and paper quality were better, it was a pure copy of the PDF version so it looked better than the Amazon version with use of transparent images and edge to edge pages, but the downside was the printed images were slightly darker.

Greeting Cards
As originally the Lemmings book was going to have a Kickstarter campaign, so i started to produce some rewards, the first being a set of 4 Lemmings greeting cards, i paid for 1000 professionally printed cards (250 packs in total) but after getting coldfeet about such a niche book, i had no use for the cards, i managed to sell some packs and get around half my money back, others i have given away at gaming meets. 

Now freely available to download on your computer or mobile device;
Now New 2018 Revision free to download! 


My first book released back in 2011, completed in around a couple of months, the majority of content had already been done as it was intended to compile the content from my website 'Gizmondo Central' into a place where it wouldn't be lost, so i thought why not turn it into a book.

If you're not sure what a 'Gizmondo' is, well long story short it was the worlds first GPS capable handheld gaming device, with a story behind it that at one stage was being thought of as a Hollywood movie!

The book doesn't cover any of the drama behind its makers, but instead as the title suggests covers the machine, the hardware and its games amongst other things.

Now freely available to download on your computer or mobile device;


Put together in evenings over a 6 week period, in light of 'pixel art' publications i wanted to put something together show-casing the games that not just made the Amiga great, but what games series first started on it too.

It was more a coffee table publication, something when the topic of games arose people often forget where certain games come from, often mistake it for a PC or early console game when in fact its roots lie in the Amiga.

A couple of months after publication a few bad reviews were starting to filter in, some points i agreed on, others were just plain harse, the reality was that only selling online via vendors i could not get the book to the pricepoint of being reasonable for such a book, and so i took the decision to withdraw it.

Something i did learn from these 'pixel-art' books, is how quick and with low effort they can be put together to maximise profit, the example being is i made more money from this book on sale for 2 months and that took 6 weeks to complete, than i did with over 2 years work and a years sales of my Lemmings book.

Now freely available to download on your computer or mobile device;

The three above books are also available on Google Books for a small fee, if you feel like contributing this way, here is my link to my Google Books page;
I'm also creating other PDF books in my spare time, available to view online or download for free, these are viewable on my Issuu page;
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